Could You Win an OTW Trivia Contest?

Sep. 25th, 2017 10:57 am
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OTW 10th anniversary history

Would you like to find some OTW trivia? If so, we've got prizes for you! How many questions can you answer?

Indie AAA (The Jimquisition)

Sep. 25th, 2017 03:44 pm
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Posted by Jim Sterling

You want a positive Jimquisition? You want praise? You don’t want to hear about microtransactions for a week?

Just so happens we had something prepped. The Jim giveth as much The Jim taketh, good friends.

Let’s look at Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and delight in the success that could prove a game changer.

Bonus Content: Fuck Konami News

Godslave - Whim

Sep. 25th, 2017 11:34 am
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New comic!

Today's News:

Hathor doesn't appreciate how Sobek talks to ladies on the phone

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Hey guy! Time flies and we can't believe it has been a month since our campaign has ended. How's everyone doing? We hope all of you are doing awesome in life!
Let's talk about our first update! Our original plan was to continue working on the game in our old office till the game is released, but due to the theft incident, we had no choice but to find a safer place. For those of you who are worried about data loss, worry not as we have backup upon backup upon backup so it's all good! It just takes a little time to restore them.
The new office will be ready in early November and we're currently setting up a temporary office in a space provided by our local government agency. They have been really helpful and supporting us throughout the whole theft incident so we're really grateful for that. Here's our temporary office! <3
It's so pretty! Even if it's temporary, we're really glad that we will be able to spend some time here working on the game. We will be posting more picture of our new office when it's ready!
Moving on to the next item on the list, it's Tokyo Game Show 2017! We've been really excited about this game expo in particular as Japanese games has always been with us since our childhood. It's really heartwarming that we're able to showcase our game in Japan because we are able to meet people that has inspired Re:Legend. Words could not describe how happy we are when we get to see all the legendary creators!
This image above is Re:Legend's booth while it's being setup!
This is during the public day one! So many people have visited the booth and are interested in Re:Legend! Happy times! :D
The overall experience was superb and we've learnt so many things through our conversation with many awesome people. Our next stop for game expo: Korea G-Star! We're sure it will be another eye-opening experience and we can't wait!
Up next would be the monthly Pick-a-Magnus that we've promised! We're sure many of you are looking forward to this so without further ado, here's the rules of the minigame:
Pick-a-Magnus Rules:  
1) We will be posting a set of Magnus concept labelled from A - J.  
2) You will go through every single one of them and select your favorite concept.  
3) Leave a comment about your pick and explain why.  
4) The Magnus with the most votes will be added to Re:Legend in-game.  
Note: you can only select ONE, so pick carefully.
The winner will be selected on next Monday so the monthly Pick-a-Magnus will last for a week. Have fun!
Last but not least, let's talk about our progress on the game itself! We have been working on the new structure of the game so it could fit our new design better as we progress. Since the scope of the game has changed quite a bit compared to the point when we just started, it's a better choice to start working on the base now so it will not affect the future content.
We're spending most of our time working on code optimization and multiplayer structure so there's not much of a visual changes going on with the game right now. It is to prepare the game for future updates and improve our production pipelines. 
That is all for the update and we hope you enjoy it! Surveys will be sent sometime next month so stay tuned! :D

Page 14

Sep. 25th, 2017 01:15 pm
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Posted by arythusa

I have been very sold out of Hyde acrylic charms for a while now and have been looking to put in a new order. I was very happy with the charms I received from Acorn Press, which I used last time, but their submissions form has been down with no explanation for several weeks now and they haven’t replied to my inquiries, so I’m starting to look around for back-ups.

I used to use Zap! Creatives but they’ve changed their production methods several times over the last years and, as of about a year ago, I was not very happy with their printing quality. I’ve used InkIt! Labs once, and they were fine, but they were a bit expensive and their color quality wasn’t as vibrant as other printers. I’m considering trying out Chilly Pig but am a little bit hesitant–I have two necklaces from Hannah McGill printed at Chilly Pig, but they were both monochrome–I haven’t seen any charms from them in color yet. Anyone have any thoughts on the subject of charms?

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New comic!

Today's News:

iiiit's rae! you might remember rae from the very first ever guest week, way back in 2015! (they actually contributed a replacement image for the old illustration,">go check out the new one!)

rae and i graduated from RISD together and they've always been one of the sweetest people i know, and a big supporter from the start!! i love them and miss going to school with them!!! :'3 

you can check out more of rae's work at their website, or follow them on twitter!! OR!!!! they have really fantastic shirts and prints and pins available at their etsy!! they're all super super good and i'm proud to own a few of them!! (i even model one of them on the site lol)

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To celebrate the launch of Pokémon Gold and Silver on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, Junichi Masuda's Mii is now appearing as a special guest in the StreetPass Mii Plaza in Europe and Australia.

Ys Origin - Thoughts etc

Sep. 24th, 2017 02:05 pm
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I finished Ys Origin! Or … rather, I finished it a couple of weeks ago, but had to keep it a secret because I had written a treat for it in Press Start and I wanted to be stealthy. But now that authors have been revealed, I can finally talk about it without tipping my recipient off! :) Please feel free to comment on how stealthy I am.

Ys Origin aka Days of Our Facts )

I have one more Ys game left to play, and then I really have played all the Ys games in English! That’s not bad considering that I really only started playing them in around April this year. I’ve really been on a Falcom roll of late, so I suppose it’s a good thing that I’m taking a break to do other publishers.

That brings me to 102 games left in my backlog! Next up, finishing off The Longest Journey to tidy up the lingering games, and then Virtue’s Last Reward and Valkyrie Profile!
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Posted by Jim Sterling

In case you haven’t heard, NBA 2K18 is a mess of microtransactions, having adopted a full-on freemium economy in a $60 game. This isn’t just cosmetic stuff either – the game’s dominated by “Virtual Currency” that seems ripped from the shadiest of F2P mobile games.

2K Games’ greed was so immense that even the regular games media cared about it, an increasing rarity in a world where scummy business practices are becoming prevalent enough to generate only apathy from many reporters.

Anyway, let’s just cut to the chase. It’s obvious this wallet-flaying game was going to be review bombed to hell, so it’s time to launch the METABOMB and revel in public outrage yet again.

While all versions of the game have been subjected to a bombdown, the bulk of the action can be found on Metacritic’s PS4 page, where user reviews have torpedoed the average score to a 2.4. With less ratings overall, the Xbox One version stands at 2.0 while the PC alternative has a slightly higher 2.7.

Unsurprisingly, Virtual Currency has received the brunt of the criticism, with its associated gameplay grind dragging NBA 2k18 into the dirt.

Once again, I’ve dredged the user reviews for interesting, silly, and funny critiques from Metacritic’s charming community, starting with vysdel!

F2P game mechanics in a “AAA” title for 60$ forcing people to buy VC. This is a joke.

No Good No Good No Good No Good No Good No Good No Good No Good (0/10)

VincentWarte’s incredulity is incredible.

Holy balls, wtf is this shiat!? You’re kidding me? Are you expecting me to pay 80$ more on your shiat just to have fun, with a game I already paid a small fortune for? 2K, bijatsh, please!
Don’t buy this game, you want have fun with it. Unless you’re ready to spend another fortune. (0/10)

Xmicta lays it all out there.

The career mode is virtually unplayable if you don’t purchase extra VC. Your player is unrealistically bad. You either have to spent lots of extra money or suffer through hours of comically poor gameplay, in what they call the road to 99. This is not the road to 99, this is the road to hell. (0/10)

So Ilbones has written some words. They sure are some dang ol’ words!

vc,vc,vc for everything!! i play most in my career mode and my player is a total noob, i max all the stats and he can’t score a single shot! garbage! cut scene not skippable and servers problem…. (0/10)

KarlesMFah is not one to beat around the bush, but they’ll beat this game into submission.

I’m going to make it sweet and simple and to the point. 2k is the pimp and the consumer is the trick period! that explains this game perfectly. $150 won’t be enough to enjoy your MyCareer (0/10)

As if the Virtual Currency wasn’t bad enough on its own, a bug has been deleting peoples’ progress and literally flushing their money down the toilet. Here’s Infiniteaverage to explain in detail.

This seemed like it could be the greatest NBA 2k of all time. Open world, new netcode, new park, etc. I was excited to see all these new things until my game crashed and wiped my character that i just bought VC for and upgraded. This is a game-breaking bug that has affected thousands of paying customers. 2k support hasn’t helped anyone yet, and I personally have been waiting 40 hours just for a response. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME UNTIL IT IS FIXED!! (0/10)

Some of these reviews, like LTT’s, I enjoy posting just because fuck 2K Games. The more criticism, the better.

This game is an absolute money grab, the the microtransactions you would expect from a free game. MyCareer, is broken and is riddled with unskippable loading screens and long loading times. The gameplay doesn’t make too much innovation either, but it can be fun once you are actually able to get to it. Unless you’re a hard core NBA fan, there would be no reason to buy 2K18 instead of 2k17 or 2k16. (0/10)

There were a lot of reviews using “joke” this time around. If you’re new to this series, calling games a “joke” or a “slap in the face” is something angry gamers love to do in droves. Vstyle likes it too.

The currency system in this game is a joke. 2k has cut down the amount of VC (in game currency) you can earn considerably, and has started charging for ridiculous things like haircuts. They’ve implemented a free-to-play model in a $60 video game. It’s unbelievably greedy and dishonest. (0/10)

And right next to Vstyle’s review was this one by Devinstrat.

The worst 2k ive played in a long time, maybe even all time. The gameplay was awful, the my career mode was the worst its ever been. VC has become a joke, and you cant even play mycareer offline. (0/10)

I’ve been writing reviews for over ten years but I don’t think I’ll ever be better than top7.

No Good No Good No Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No GoodNo Good No Good (0/10)

As always, the Devil has its advocates. I think this particularly smug review from ptea is going to be read by a certain Duke in the near future.

It always suprises me how stupid most of the people are. This is one of the best sports games ever made. If you cannot appreciate this maybe it’s better you don’t try to understand basketball at all. For those who like real sports NBA 2k-series and pro evolution soccer are the only choices. Those who are casual enough to play EA-sports **** franchise can go to Turkmenistan. If the servers don’t work properly it doesn’t mean that the game sucks. It’s minor problem when compared to games that don’t even try to simulate real sports. They only buy the licenses and have dumb brained fans who buy the game even if it’s horrible (10/10)

SupremeHonour is here to fight hate wherever they see it.

great as always. Love the career mode. Packed sh aq on my first pack. bought VC. already maxed. Going for road to 99 level. Ignore the haters. They are just haters that are going to hate. (10/10)

You know, I may just have to get this one read out aloud too, because notbutt’s sycophantic trash is rather astounding.

Alright, I’m not sure if I should be reviewing this, as it is my first time ever playing a 2K game, but I’ll try. First off, I’d like to tell the rest of the imbeciles here, that you review a game for its gameplay first and foremost. It seems like theyre only putting their scores down for things that piss them off. Im a level 13 trophies-wise; I’ve played my fair shair of games, and I must say the story mode here seems pretty good. I like the whole live your own life aspect of it. Gameplay is smooth, with a few players running into one another occasionally, but what sports game doesnt have that. Overall this is an entertaining and enjoyable game. If you enjoy good gameplay and story, but this game, because no amount of micro-transactions will ruin your gameplay experience. (8/10)

I feel as if Casualgamer23 went on a personal journey as they wrote this one.

This game is not as bad as those bad reviews lmao. A lot of the people who are raging over the game are raging at the lack of features and the VC issues. And I totally agree with them. 2k has become extremely selfish with the stupid micro transactions. They better change it or they will lose fans real quick. As for the gameplay, the game is still very good. It is still better than NBA Live 18 by a good margin. I can’t believe there are some people who say NBA live 18 has better gameplay SMH. Overall this gameplay is an 8/10 for me. However with all the other stuff going on, I will give it a 6/10. (6/10)

Kartarna adequately explains why microtransactions are never “optional.” We don’t get to choose the things publishers slowly take away from the player with each new sequel. We don’t opt in to the insidious warping of a series’ economy.

The last few years NBA 2K’s were one thing but this year crossed the line with the barber shop. Cosmetic stuff was was free before costs a ridiculous amount of VC now. They should be ashamed. Not to mention the MyNBA app giving almost no VC this year. It’s blatantly obvious that this is just to force people to buy VC. You get less for free, earn less and everything costs more. How more obvious could it be? (4/10)

Here’s a review written by someone who didn’t play it but has very strong opinions on trashy videogames.

I cancelled my preorder luckily before release after playing the prelude. I was shocked at how bad the game mechanics were. I could see they were going the micro transaction route. I agree with those that call this game poor. What was most telling was the release trailer just showed a kid walking through a neighborhood for 10 mins. With maybe 10-20 secs of actual game footage. Mostly of a kid running thru a neighborhood GTA style. When a game hides their gameplay in a trailer, that should be a red flag for everyone. I’ll pass this year and so should you. When the “pro” reviews come out you will all see. And any game under a 6 is trash. I predict this game will come in at mid 6 maybe. (4/10)

Gotta love a good bit of sarcasm. AeRoTR delivers.

Great F2P and P2W with micro-transactions game, AFTER ONLY YOU PAY 60 bucks 🙂 A good F2P game, you can be the best by buying lots of VC. I recommend this game for any real basketball fan who likes computer games, and who likes to give money to 2K regular basis. (4/10)

Mike21 lays into the Virtual Currency hard.

when you are on the court the game is great, with solid gameplay and good presentation, but the cons are too many:

VC – they have made the game almost unplayable in order to force people to pay for VC. It’s not even done in a subtle way. Just a straight robbery.
Loading Screens – prepare to spend a lot of time looking at one.
Cut scenes that can not be skipped.
Can’t play MyCareer offline – yesterday I wanted to play, but I had to wait for an update to download before I could. Not cool.
Story – possibly written by children, in which case, it’s only somewhat terrible.
Paying ridiculous amounts of VC for customization of player (said customization can not be previewed either). (3/10)

I like this Matilda_BBD character.

I don’t really care about annual releases in sports games even with only the tiniest tweaks here and there with new roster, but 2k has gone too far with the MICROTRANSACTIONS. I’m a long time NBA 2k fan and even I had to create an account just to review-bomb this crap. If you’re gonna get this game as a casual NBA fan this game will not disappoint. The presentation and gameplay is top notch and always has been. But if you’re looking forward to mycareer I suggest sticking to 2k17 and not waste your money because spending real money is the only way you’ll enjoy it for a long time. They basically made 2k18’s mycareer a freaking next gen mobile game that you paid $60 for. If this is the direction this franchise is going, count me out from now on. It’s a sad day in gaming when EA is holding 2k’s beer while they demonstrate how to milk a full-priced game like a champ. (3/10)

We’ll close with Maglen’s short n’ sweet description.

You need a lot of VC to upgrade your attributes
You can’t earn VC because you can’t play well without decent attributes

This game is the definition of Pay to Win. (1/10)

And that’s the way “AAA” games are going, I tell you. In the early stages, people let them off lightly when microtransactions starting filtering into premium games. They tolerated them because they were “optional” or “cosmetic” or “didn’t affect gameplay.”

People forgot what happens when you give game publishers the benefit of the doubt.

2K Games is reminding us.

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I finished Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia! I initially bought this because the art looked great and figured “why not”, and have been playing it in around trying to approve tags for Yuletide. 50 something hours later, I finally finished it and have fallen head over heels for it, and I now want to dive further into Fire Emblem.

I'm a Forsyth to be reckoned with! )

Next up, a ~mystery game~ that I played recently, and then plugging away at The Longest Journey. Also I should really start working on my bingo card.

fandom nostalgia

Sep. 23rd, 2017 04:56 pm
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  • Sometimes I get nostalgic for metafandom. Not the way it was before people stopped updating - basically having trended in the way of being totally about social justice, just like Tumblr, just like the blogosphere, and not really about fandom in particular - but the way it used to link to talk about the whys and hows of how fandom was done, in the beginning.

    I am often nostalgic for earlier versions of how fandom was done, lately. Not necessarily because of the actual things that happened to and around me but because of the way it made me feel. The kinds of discussions and sense of community and etc etc cannot be replicated in the Tumblr-based successors to media fandom which have their own norms and which I'm sure someone will be nostalgic about in 15 years when they've long been replaced by something else. I even get nostalgic for mailing lists and I was on very few for a hot second before I largely switched to message boards for about six months in 2002 and then after that to LJ.

    I lurked a lot on people's websites - especially the 'elite' archives full of the best fic from mailing lists - and then slowly circled closer and closer in to actual community. And then the grand era of LJ where I didn't ever feel like one of the cool kids but followed and was followed by hundreds of people and posted hundreds of comments a week. Ah, the vigour of youth.

  • Speaking of fannish nostalgia, I've been occasionally randomly looking up fans of various size of name on Fanlore, to see who was a Big enough Big Name Fan to end up with a page about them. I totally ran with a lot of BNFs back in the day! And never gained any fame or notoriety of my own hahaha which is probably both a good and a bad thing. (Good: getting featured on fandomwank never looked fun. Bad: the people who got super popular and notorious now have book deals and huge followings and have made it and I'm still cooling my heels.)

    Bizarrely, Fanlore has a page about my fanfic site, as though it ran from 2003-2005, when:
    (A) It still exists (and this reminds me to update it); and
    (B) I don't think enough people were actually looking at my fic site from 03-05 for it to warrant having a page about it on Fanlore. That's just bizarre.

  • And in my nostalgia I ended up looking at old fic sites from 00-02 on the wayback machine, feeling nostalgic about websites with frames, old arguments about darkfic (Buffy fandom was a great place for gen, seriously), web rings and fanfic awards, all the different places fandom has happened for me. I know all the very valid reasons frames stopped being valid HTML and why it's a bad idea to do site layouts in tables; nonetheless, I did both. I had so many websites. It was so fun.

    I feel like we talk about fandom, or at least fanart fandom and fanficdom, as if it all happens in one or two places, or in one way. Even now that's not true. Even beyond the almighty AO3, people still post fic to FF dot net, and there's all that celebrity RPF on Wattpad, and people post fic on Tumblr (terrible platform for it, jfc), and DW, and LJ. There are still fandom-specific archives, including those that are still (somewhat) active - I've read plenty of fic on the Kirk/Spock archive this year. There are still fanauthor websites, and I read fic on those, and not just The Sentinel fic I'm nostalgic about. (Seriously, note to self: update the damn website).

    And fannish discussion happens in lots of different places, with many different community norms: forums (still), and Tumblr, and here, and communities that still live on LJ, and Wordpress, and the book bloggers on goodreads, and . . .

    A lot of fandoms in the 80s and 90s and very early 00s flourished as their own discrete entities, building their own community norms, creating their own fan languages, many of which were then combined into the fannish soup when LJ started to be the big thing and pan-fandom communities started to organise. And some of those terms have fallen by the wayside: noromo, altfic, lemon. But I think the re-splintering of fandom en masse as LJ disintegrated into an increasingly unusable platform and people have fled to multiple different places has put the lie to the idea that there really is one big fannish community.

    But I'm still nostalgic for some of the things that worked when fandom on LJ flourished, some of the people I knew, some of the fic and art and discussion - a lot of which has been lost to time.


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